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Villas by the Sea 


Evia Island!

Directly from the Constructor

Villa Gaia

Off-Plan/ SOLD

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Villa Thea

Off Plan/ SOLD

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Villa Petra

Under Construction/ SOLD

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Villa Diamanti

Under Construction/ SOLD

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Our history

Kanterakis SA is a healthy family business, an important part of which is the "Greek Dreams" Development and Construction Company.

Greek Dreams company develops luxury and eco-friendly houses on a privately owned land. Our plots are neat and tidy and have no burdens on the bank. The company was founded in 2007 and was active in the field of design, renovation and property of mainly summer homes. In 2011, we designed the Aegean Project, when our first Villa was sold, built and delivered to its new owners. After this construction, we froze our activity due to the economic crisis and the unstable environment in the country.

In July 2020 we launched our projects and put our homes in the market again. Aegean project went SOLD OUT by the mid of 2021 and is in delivery process to the new owners. Our new Project GAIA officially launched in the beginning of 2022 and is already under construction.

38.00677 24.33543, Lykorema, Marmari, Evia, Greece

Our Location


Clean Blue Sea

Aegean Landscape Unique View


5' drive from Banks, Organized Market,

Public Health Center

Sunset Tranquillity

Marmari is a seaside village in the Southern part of Evia Island and is easily accessible by boat from Athens, which is the capital of Greece. Marmari is a favorite destination for windsurfing, kite surfing and its beautiful hiking trails.


In a 5-minutes drive from our project, you will find Karystos, which is a big town in the Southern part of Evia Island with year-round life, 3 banks, hospital, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and various other services. Karystos offers a connection to the islands of the Cyclades through summer ferry routes and its marine port can facilitate your sailing vessel.

Why choose Lykorema and the Island of Evia?

First of all, Evia is one of the two islands in Greece which offers the advantage of having bridge connection with the main land. This is a huge asset when ferries do not move due to bad weather or the routes do not serve your schedule. Our project is located in Lykorema, which is famous for the Drakospita (masonry houses) and the beach of Golden Sand which is 3km away. Lykorema offers beautiful sunsets and panoramic unobstructed sea views towards the island complex  of Petalioi .


Reach Our Projects
in 1h and 35min
from National Airport

from Athens International Airport (95'):

   --> Port of Rafina: 30' drive

   --> Port of Marmari: +60' by boat
   --> Lykorema: +5' drive


in 2h and 50min by car through Chalkida's bridge

Greek Dreams_06_12.jpg

This collective seafront project is SOLD OUT and Under Construction. But, you can click the Button and check out the process!

This newly designed project of 4 Villas is 70m from the sea and is SOLD OUT!

Project 5C-.jpg


Stay Updated for plans

and details!


Why with Us?


You configure your dream house with our architectural and experts team


We undertake to build
your house or houses :)


Our ECO Villas are in
harmony with the
natural environment


Enjoy the quality of
living in Lykorema within 18 months

" The principle of sustainability is the foremost concern for us in Greek Dreams. 

It starts with the design and finishes with the testing of all systems, which give the home an energy character, applying innovative methods to achieve the best and most efficient result. "