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from the Greek word

which means the “wavy coast"


Delivered @2023

Number of Houses:

4 independent Villas


Lykorema, Karystos, South Evia


- 30m from the sea
- Private Beach
- Exclusive Use of land
- Energy Efficient villas
- Sea Views

The Concept

"Aegean" is one of our first projects. And it is a selective one, since it is only 30m away from the sea. It consists of four independent villas with panoramic unobstructed sea views. Our philosophy is to design houses that are harmonized with the natural landscape and meet all modern energy requirements. The advantage of buying from us is unbeatable, because our homes are off-plan, so new owners can customize the finishes and materials to suit their needs and aesthetic. Thus creating unique homes, living their Greek Dream!

Testimonials from New Owners

Villa Diamond,
Maria K., Finland

Vila Avra

Villa Thalassa & Villa Elia

"In a sunset that has a beautiful hue of red and orange, a fishing boat sits alone in front of our 'Maria diamond' - a name we have given to this house! You can almost hear the engine of the boat when it crosses the sea. The lights on the board sparkle giving instant warmth. Just before the environment sucks in the velvet darkness, you can enjoy the skillful flight of swallows. It's time to turn on the candles and BBQ, eat grilled meat or fresh fish and let the time go by. Through the darkness, you can see millions of lights flickering on the east coast of Attica, along the sea. The atmosphere is quiet, comfortable and peaceful. In the quiet, you can hear the sheep grazing and their bells ringing.


We are so happy that we made the decision to build a house in Lykorema with Kanterakis SA. The quality of construction and the look of our home justified us. The look of the stone is really beautiful. All of our special needs and requirements, including underfloor heating, were perfectly executed and implemented by the Kanterakis SA team. The company team regularly visits us or otherwise communicates with us, to inform us and to hear about any new issues our wishes that we want to add to Maria's Diamond."

Villa Avra was SOLD to Doërte (Germany)
Testimonial coming soon..

Villa Thalassa & Villa Elia was SOLD to Michal & Etan (Israel)

Testimonial coming soon..

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