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Our History

Kanterakis SA is a healthy family business, an important part of which is the "Greek Dreams" Development and Construction Company.

Greek Dreams company develops luxury and eco-friendly houses on a privately owned land. Our plots are neat and tidy and have no burdens on the bank. The company was founded in 2007 and was active in the field of design, renovation and property of mainly summer homes.

In 2011, we designed the Aegean Project, when our first Villa was sold, built and delivered to its new owners. After this construction, we froze our activity due to the economic crisis and the unstable environment in the country. ​

In July 2020 we launched our projects and put our homes in the market again. Aegean project went SOLD OUT by the mid of 2021 and it is already delivered to the new owners. Our Project GAIA officially launched in the beginning of 2022, it is under construction and will be delivered soon.

Another two NEW projects are already on the market.

Our Team

Your choice to trust with Kanterakis SA Group creates a major responsibility for us because we think that our success depends on the perfect combination of the products we offer, the values we believe in and the structure of our team.


Stathis Kanterakis
General Director 


Evaggelia Giannoulaki
Social & Marketing Manager


Marianna Chatzilygeroudi
Project & Sales Manager


Alkistis Kanteraki
Financial Director

Photo 2-11-23, 2 25 39 PM.jpg

Charitini Sarri
Back - Office Support

2022.09.09 Βαφείδης Έργο.jpg

Nikos Vafidis
Construction & Interior Manager

2023.01.09 Σκυροδέτηση οροφής ορόφου κτιρίου β, τοιχίων κουραγκλέ&κανάλι πισίνας(4).jpg

Giannis Koussas
Construction site manager

Harry Kraus2.jpg

Harry Kraus
Sales Support



a long lasting future

Greek Dreams strives to provide solutions for long-lasting sustainable growth in its homes and its purpose is to act as an eco-friendly developer in all its creations, by using the highest eco-standards, we build luxury properties highlighting the value of our products and their natural surroundings. The increase in green thinking in the property industry is not being driven by government policy and consumer demand but from the realization of the needs for a sustainable future. We build only sustainable properties with minimum energy usage, zero carbon emissions, zero water waste and under the energy performance regulations.

Our main philosphy >

"Green buildings are part of the modern future; they are physically and economically possible, so we have no excuse for not doing it”

Our goals & prospects >

"Our main objective includes an improved quality of life for our clients to enjoy in their new-built green house. Our prospects for a sustainable future are highlighted by the need of the modern societies to reduce carbon emissions since it has been proved that the buildings themselves are responsible for 40% of all emissions."



"In a sunset that has a beautiful hue of red and orange, a fishing boat sits alone in front of our 'Maria diamond' - a name we have given to this house! You can almost hear the engine of the boat when it crosses the sea. The lights on the board sparkle giving instant warmth. Just before the environment sucks in the velvet darkness, you can enjoy the skillful flight of swallows. It's time to turn on the candles and BBQ, eat grilled meat or fresh fish and let the time go by. Through the darkness, you can see millions of lights flickering on the east coast of Attica, along the sea. The atmosphere is quiet, comfortable and peaceful. In the quiet, you can hear the sheep grazing and their bells ringing.


We are so happy that we made the decision to build a house in Lykorema with Kanterakis SA. The quality of construction and the look of our home justified us. The look of the stone is really beautiful. All of our special needs and requirements, including underfloor heating, were perfectly executed and implemented by the Kanterakis SA team. The company team regularly visits us or otherwise communicates with us, to inform us and to hear about any new issues our wishes that we want to add to Maria's Diamond."


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