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Why Greece?


A visit to Greece is the dream holiday of a lifetime. When thinking of holidays, people picture the long crystal Greek beaches and the relaxing beach taverns. But be careful because Greece is addictive: if you have experienced Greek holidays once, no other place on earth will be sufficient for you.


You will love the virgin landscape, the exotic color of the sea, the bright light of the sun. Each place in Greece has a different authentic style, both in the islands and in the mainland. It will take you years to explore all the Greek islands, but only a glance to love them.


Even in the smallest piece of land in Greece, you will find a connection to the past. All around the country and the islands, there are ancient sites of various historical periods: from remains of ancient Greek temples to Byzantine monasteries and Neoclassical mansions.


Since ever, warm hospitality is one of the main reasons to come to Greece. Feel free to mingle with the locals, have long chats with them or stop them at the street to ask for directions. They love it! Apart from the locals, you will also enjoy a high quality of services in the hotels and resorts.


Greece is famous for its healthy products, including virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, and wine. These products are the basis of the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in proteins and low in saturated fats. These products are cooked together and make delicious dishes. Even in the smallest tavern in Greece, do not hesitate to taste local Greek dishes. They will be totally different than any other ethnic recipe you have tasted so far.


Greece remains among the safest countries in the world. The criminality rate is very low, especially on the islands. Feel no fear to walk late at night and have chats with the locals. In fact, this will be among the best pleasures during your Greek holidays. Only in Athens should you have an eye open, as pick-pocketing is usually reported in large queues, for example in buses or when boarding the ferry. But this is not the case in the islands, where you can lay back and enjoy a carefree atmosphere.


Why Evia?


The central Evia landscape dominated by Mount Dirfys (Dirfys). At 1,743m altitude, there are dense forests of chestnut trees, oaks and fir trees, and there is also a magic view of the Aegean and the Evoikos Gulf. This term is especially popular in the winter months to lovers of cycling and climbing, and for those who love climbing on ice.


Evia consists of beautiful, and usually remote beaches, surrounded by mountains and pine forests. You will find both sandy beaches with umbrellas, deck chairs, bars and every kind of shop needed for holiday needs, and remote beaches with stunning canyons and mountains, suitable for exploration.



Evia represented by archeology and architectural elements in all periods of history, including: Roman quarries and aqueducts, Byzantine churches and Frankish castles Mycenaean tombs.


Evia is a traditional island. Dozens of restaurants provide the best quality seafood, squid, octopus, red mullet, clams, fresh seasonal vegetables, skewers, meat portions, always accompanied by excellent salads and appetizers. Evia is well known for its honey, olives, figs, cherries and many types of cheese.


There are complicated scientific reasons which, that the Sea consists of both clear blue waters. One of the reasons that are impressive and clear blue waters ideal for diving and swimming is the absence of plankton.


The capital of Evia, Halkida, is just an hour from Athens airport. Two road bridges spanning the narrow gap from the mainland to the island, so access is easy all year.


Why Marmari?

Marmari is a seaside village in the South Evian Gulf of Euboea at an altitude of 10 meters. It is built amphitheatrically in a beautiful bay just opposite and west of Rafina. It is 111 km from Chalkida. The sights of the area are the church of Agios Georgios and the beach of Golden Sand with golden sand that is opposite the island of Petals and is a favorite destination for windserfing or kitesurfing.

The port of Marmari has been known since antiquity and has served to transport the rocks that the area has since exported. At the present time, it is connected by ferry directly to Rafina with a closed ferry boat.

Marmari with countless golden sandy beaches (Fygias, Kokkini, Kavoi, Golden Sand, Zastani, Lykorema, Agia Irini, Bath, Rosa, Vassiliko, Rope, Limion, Barreloi). Here you will walk, breathing the smell of pine and wild flowers. You will swim in dreamy, crystal clear waters that reveal a magnificent bottom for exploration.

The many lush cosmopolitan islands of the Petals that surround Marmari, the colorful rocks caressing the sea, make up the unique charm of the landscape. An ideal place to rest and relax offers the opportunity to satisfy all the desires, in a natural environment, that the residents responsibly protected and promoted.

The magic of the crystal clear sea landscape gives you endless possibilities to enjoy the wet element. In the clear blue waters of Golden Sand, you will spend endless hours of relaxation and fun doing windsurfing, skiing, playing beach volley and exploring the wonderful underwater world of the area. And surprise this beach again, it's not like you left it. The marine currents of the area are constantly moving the sand north or south, constantly changing its shape, causing you to embark on a new adventure.

South Euboea hosts one of the most challenging mysteries of archeology; they are the famous Drakospita, a name given to them because of the sheer size of their construction. These stunning buildings, 25 in total, with their unique masonry and the unknown, even today, use by their builders, are scattered throughout southern Euboea.