General Information

Property type: Land - Residential

Investment Area: 60 acres (15 plots)

Plots Area: ~4000m2 each

Covered Area: On request

Features & Facilities:





(unspoiled by future construction work)

Land Title Deeds

Description of property:

MEDITERRANEAN PROJECT is located in Lykorema, Marmari in South Evia. Set in a fabulous hillside position above the Evoikos Sea and commanding incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Petalioi Islands, this development is a prestigious Investment project for you to use as you wish.

The site covers an area of 60,000 m2 in total and is divided in 15 plots, each one of which has its Land Title deeds and is covered by all utility services (water, electricity, telecommunication).  

You are free to choose one, two or the WHOLE project, according to your ability and wish.

Most of the properties have a normal shape and a slightly sloping surface. The slope and the size of the plots ensure that the superb views commanded by this site will remain unspoiled by future construction work. Land prices vary depending on the distance from the sea (0m, 70m, 150m, 200m, 300m) as you see at the site plan.

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of Panorama

Plots 12/13/14

General Information

Property type: 4acres Plots 

Plot Area: 4 acres 

Building density: 400m2 (Living & ancillary areas)

Features & Facilities:



Land Titles

Unspoiled Sea View

Description of property:

Plots 12E, 13E and 14E are the upper plots of the project and have a panorama view of the sea and the Petalioi Islands.  Τhe plots are accessible from the road in front of them. Αll property titles are neat in relation to the forest office and the land registry. 

Our company undertakes to build your house or your investment, if you wish! Our constructions are at high standards and Energy Efficiency A+.

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