“If you plan for one year, plant a seed
If you plan for 10 years, plant trees
If you plan for life,

then educate the mankind.”


—  Kuan Tzu

Our History

The company was founded in 2007 and was active in the design, sale and resale of mainly summer homes. In 2011, we designed the Aegean Project on a privately owned plot in Lykorema near Marmari in South Evia, from which Villa Diamond was sold, built and delivered. After this construction, we froze our activity due to the economic crisis and the unstable environment in the country.

In July 2020 we launched our projects and homes in the market again. Kanterakis SA is a healthy family business, an important part of which is the development of houses on privately owned land. Our plots are neat and tidy and have no burdens on the bank.

Καντεράκης 2002.jpg

Our CEO Stathis Kanterakis

in his first visit in Lykorema in 2002

Building a "long-lasting" future

Greek Dreams is a member of Kanterakis S.A. and its purpose is to act as an eco-friendly developer in all its creations.

Established in 2008 to offer land banking and development services, Greek Dreams strives to provide solutions for long-lasting sustainable growth in its homes.  By using the highest eco-standards, we build luxury properties highlighting the value of our products and their natural surroundings.

Our core strategy is based on a simple conclusion: 

“Green buildings are part of the modern future; they are physically and economically possible, so we have no excuse for not doing it”. The increase in green thinking in the property industry is not being driven by government policy and consumer demand but from the realization of the needs for a sustainable future. We build only sustainable properties with minimum energy usage, zero carbon emissions, zero water waste and under the energy performance regulations.

Our Projects' Philosophy

We work with great flexibility and make our clients feel special by building unique homes to meet their individual needs, avoiding the stereotypes of the market because we believe that every person is unique. The same respect we show to nature, thus creating sustainable properties in full harmony with their surroundings.

Our values

In the past years we have been very active in the fields of marketing and public relations (Win-Win System ISO 29990). Working with people has enabled us to understand the value of true long-lasting friendships which are the result of satisfied customers.

Your choice to cooperate with Kanterakis SA Group creates a major responsibility for us because we think that our success depends on the perfect combination of the products we offer, the values we believe in and the staff we employ.


Our vision

The vision of our company is to build small and big sustainable properties that

  • will make Greece beautiful,

  • will be in full harmony with the environment,

  • and the people who live in them will be able to envisage their own future or just enjoy the peace and quiet we offer them.

Social Corporate Responsibility

The values that inspire us guide our social behaviour beyond the narrow borders of profit. Social corporate responsibility is an essential ingredient of our corporate culture and a platform for our long-lasting prosperity and development. It is imperative that in the modern business world we feel as part of an interactive relationship.

Devoted to the principles of social corporate responsibility, we invest in the know-how of developing sustainable homes.

Our modern architectural designs follow strictly the quality standards and environmental rules, thus expressing our respect to man and society.

Goals and prospects

Our main objectives include the conservation of energy our buildings can achieve and the improved quality of life our clients can enjoy.

Our prospects for a sustainable future are highlighted by the need of the modern societies to reduce carbon emissions since it has been proved that the buildings themselves are responsible for 40% of all emissions.

Stathis Kanterakis

CEO of Kanterakis A.E.




Stathis Kanterakis


  • Born in 1964

  • Served in the army & reached the title of Colonel 

  • Active in the field of sales since 1998

  • Owner of Greek Dreams

  • Founder of Win-Win System est1998 ISO29990

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon



Project Manager

  • Born in 1987

  • Architect Engineer NTUA

  • Μaster's degree in Heritage management

  • Languages: Greek - English 

Nikos Vafidis

Construction Manager 

  • Born in 1967

  • Interior Design Studies

  • Big Experience in construction.

  • His construction company won international awards.

  • He has constructed over 3,000  projects.

Harry Kraus2.jpg

Harry Kraus

Sales Support

  • Born in 1961in Germany

  • Hotel Managment School

  • Experience in hotels' & restaurants' managment

  • Visits Marmari since 1980

  • Permanent resident of Karystos since 2017

  • Languages: German - English - French

Alkistis Kanteraki

Back Office 

  • Born in 1991

  • Environmental Engineer

  • Μaster's degree in Public Health

  • PhD student of Medical School

  • Expert in Social media & webpage managment

  • Languages: Greek - English