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Implementation project in S.Evia

“ In a sunset which has a beautiful shade of red and orange hue, lonely fishing boat is floating to the front of our "Maria´s diamond" which is a name that all our friends in Kanterakis SA and our family call this place in Lykorema. You can hardly hear the motor of the boat running. The lights of the boat are sparkling cozy. Just before whole environment entrails to the velvety darkness you can enjoy skilful flight of swallows. It is time to light the candles and the grill, eat tender grilled meat or fresh sea food and just let time go by smoothly. Through darkness you can see millions of lights blinking on the east coast of Attica across the sea. Atmosphere is quiet, cozy and peaceful. Through the darkness you can hear sheep's pasturing from the bells chiming.

In the morning the crystal clear sea with brilliant colors calls you up to its warm embrace. Because of the saltines of the sea you can just float on the water. The coast and sea has so many adventures to offer for the children and whole family. All the treasures of the sand soon find a place in a new necklace, how can there be so many variations of seashells. Only hunger rides you away from the water activities, sun and chilling wind.

We are so happy that we made a decision to build a house to Lykorema with Kanterakis SA. The quality of construction and appearance of the house is excelled. The looks of stone work of the house are gorgeous. All our special needs including floor heating system has been executed by the team of Kanterakis SA. The company regularly visits or otherwise contacts us to hear feedback and possible new desires to be added to "Maria´s Diamond".

Now it is time to just enjoy the fruits of this investment which are so sweet and juicy to us.”

Happy owners of “Marias diamond”, Saint John, Lykorema, Marmari, South Evia.


Maria eventually stays most of her time to her house in Lykorema and is often visited by her friends and her family from Finland. The summer that her grandchildren come for vacations, are waking her up too early in the morning to accompany them to the project’s beach. The time passes by pleasant in Lykorema as the most hours of the day she involves with her garden in order to make her diamond even more valuable. You can read all the article at "Our friends" section "Maria's Diamond".

Area photo

Construction photo